What Makes a Good Leader

Leadership is different than management. Managers have the authority to coerce subordinates to follow directions. Leaders have the respect which enables them to give directions to subordinates. See the main difference is people want to follow the lead/direction of leaders, where as they have to follow the lead/direction of managers. Although leadership and management is different, a managers ability to manage relies heavily on their leadership ability. We have all had that manager who we despise due to their poor morals, work ethic, attitude, and treatment of employees. On that same token we have all had that manager whom we adore due to their impeccable work ethic, empathy, compassion, integrity, and kindness. I’m not sure about you, but I would much rather take orders from someone I respect versus someone I despise. Are you getting a raise at your job thus growing apprehensive about how you will be percieved as a manager. Well lets review some of the components that make someone a good leader.

Leaders want to see their employees prosper. Good leaders will put employees in positions to grow, adapt, and better themselves. Good leaders provide employees help, suggestions, advice, training, and other growth fuel.

Leaders have integrity. Good leaders act accordingly in reference to a companies policies, guidelines, and ethical requirements. Good leaders will never jeopardize their integrity.

Leaders are not autocratic. Good leaders do not run a dictatorship. Good leaders trust employees to perform job tasks appropriately; this benefits both the leader and employee.

Leaders are fair. Good leaders will always be upfront and fair in any situation. They will not participate in unjust acts nor will they say something they don’t intend to follow up on.

Leaders value the input of their subordinates. Good leaders will listen to employees grievances, suggestions, and input. They will consider any input and they will make the employee know they are valued.

Leaders are the perfect mix of authority and friend. Leaders want their presence to be felt, yet they do not want to be intimidating. Leaders must hold a presence of “leader” while maintaining an open-door to employees seeking advice.

Can anyone be a good leader?

The century long debate: are people born leaders or made leaders? It is true, some people are born with qualities that make them naturally good leaders. With that said anyone who is willing to learn can acquire the skills and tactics needed to be a good leader. The key to being a good leader is being respected by your peers. As long as you can manage that, you will be ok.

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