Amazon Rainforest on Fire

As you probably know by now, the Amazon Rainforest is engulfed in flames. It is believed many of the fires were started intentionally, likely by farmers who would benefit from more land. Currently the Brazilian Armed Forces are responding to the fire, hopefully they can get it under control soon. There are many theories surfacing due to these fires. Many are blaming Brazilian president Mr Bolsonaro and his leadership style; many blame his tactics and actions for causing these fires. For example Mr Bolsonaro proposed ideas of opening the Amazon up for business during his campaign run; it seems as he has carried thru with such promises. Many are less focused on who to blame and more worried about the effect these fires will have on the world we live in. Let’s clear something up, these fires have been present all year and are now just gaining national attention. There have been 75,000 fires in the Amazon this year, an 80% increase from last year, 9,000 of those fires have occurred in the past week. Farmers and citizens are setting fires to clear up land for farming and other purposes. Deforestation is destroying the Amazon and the world will likely suffer from the consequences. Climate change is likely to be effected, carbon won’t be absorbed at the rate it was(thanks to the Amazon), this is going to be a mess. The rainforest produces much of its own rainfall, so the more that is destroyed the less rain it receives; the less rain it receives the more likely it is to burn and be destroyed. The rainforest also absorbs major amounts of carbon. When these carbon storing trees are destroyed not only is the environment lacking a method to absorb carbon but all of the stored carbon in those trees is released back into the environment. This is a catastrophe Comment below.

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