I’m sure you’ve heard of it by now, yes, the infamous dream medicine called melatonin. We have heard our aunt swear by it, and our mother in law takes 2 every night, but what is melatonin?

What is it?

Melatonin is a natural hormone, in fact we have melatonin in our body. Naturally when we turn the lights off to go to sleep, our body starts producing more melatonin. When we are subjected to light, we produce less of it(or stop production all together).

When to Use

Melatonin is a sleep aid that can be used every night or for certain situations. For example it may be used for sleeping at your in-laws who snores every night. It may be used for sleep if your work nights and have to use it to fall asleep when you get home when the sun is rising(thats when I used it). Melatonin can be found at any Walgreens or Walmart you visit. Try to use melatonin “as needed” because eventually you may gain a tolerance to it thus making to less effective.


Because melatonin is natural, it is far better for your brain and body than prescription pills. Sleeping medications can really mess with your brain and although they put you out if you can make the switch please do switch to melatonin. It is much less invasive and chemically altering to your brain than say Ambien or Lunesta. I’m serious, if you are currently on a prescription pill it’s ok(we all need help with something) just please try to switch to melatonin if you can. For the last pro, it really does work, WELL. Most people I know swear by it, it is a miracle worker if you are having trouble sleeping due to upcoming anxiety causing life events or stress or whatever it may be keeping your brain running all night long.

Negative Side Effects

Melatonin can cause daytime sleepiness if you take a heavy dose at night. Dizziness is another potential side effect. Honestly though, melatonin is really probably the safest sleep medicine you can take and it may make you tired but you won’t be at risk for any potential life-threatening side effects. The only thing I will mention is melatonin is not recommended for pregnancy. People will say “oh they just say that because the FDA won’t get behind it so they can sell everyone Ativan”. There is some truth to that statement(FDA won’t back it because it is natural) however because it contains hormones it really isn’t the best thing to take when pregnant. Some doctors say if you do take it when pregnant do not exceed 3 mg a night.

Give it a try if you are a night owl

If you have tried everything from warm milk to tea and can’t sleep. Give melatonin a try. It is essentially helping your body produce the right hormone to sleep. It is not slowing down certain parts of your brain or dumping drugs into your body. I suggest taking 3-5mg for first time use, and 10 mg if you desperately need to sleep. I wouldn’t take more than 10 mg a night. In the box below I have provided a link to my favorite brand of melatonin, check it out. Thanks for reading y’all and let me know your thoughts on melatonin and if it has worked for you!

Click box above to try it out!

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