Complications After Surgery-Preemie

Our baby just had eye surgery. This comes two weeks after she had her corrective NEC surgery. The eye surgery was solely on her eyes thus not manipulating or bothering her stomach, lungs, or anything else. After our baby’s corrective stomach surgery(2 weeks ago) she was eating for the first time and holding her feeds well. This brought us solace, given our ride in the NICU thus far has been hell. Our baby was finally feeding and on the track to discharge. Well this all changed after her eye surgery yesterday. as suddenly she is regurgitating her feeds and her body temperature is fluctuating. These symptoms imply she is either sick(sepsis), having adverse reaction to the anesthesia, or has blockage. My gut feeling is telling me she is simply having a negative reaction to her anesthesia and other drugs that were used yesterday in her surgery. Her mother is in distress as the nurse suggested if she has blockage she will need further surgery. Ignorant move nurse. Don’t speak on what you don’t know and don’t add stress to a disconcerted mother. Anyways they are running tests now to determine the cause of her regurgitation. It is impossible, in my mind, for their to be any other issue than the lingering effects of drugs from yesterdays surgery. I think her stomach is merely upset. We are praying for the best as we have come to far to have any more setbacks. If our baby can maintain feeds we should be out of the hospital within a few weeks. Most of my preemie posts offer advice, this one is more of a documented rant. If you can gain any advice from this post just remember, every setback is a minor setback to a major comeback. Keep your faith and be there for you child, significant other, and family.

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