Boxing for Exercise

If you haven’t heard by now you probably should, boxing is making a major comeback in the world of exercise. Boxing is becoming just as popular for an exercise program as yoga, biking, and Zumba. Females are commencing boxing, even though it has connotations of being a physical and dangerous. Just because you are in a boxing program, you can opt out of sparring and fighting and can simply train(which is what many are doing). The benefits of taking a boxing class are astronomical, some of the advantages are: self defense training, cardio exercise, upper body toning/strength, agility. Boxing is becoming so popular due to its unique methods of exercise, these unique methods are what make boxing so cool.

What to Expect

Shadow Boxing – Shadow boxing is when you practice your technique either in front of a mirror of with the assistance of your shadow. This may sound elementary but you would be surprised how effective this method is regarding speed, technique, and cardio.

Jump rope – Jumping rope is arguably one of the best things anyone can do. Jumping rope improves your agility, balance, cardio, leg strength, reaction time, and more.

Heavy Bag – Heavy bag is punching a large boxing bag. You have seen this perhaps in your favorite Rocky movie. Heavy bag exercises improve upper body strength, technique, cardio, and balance.

Speed Bag – Speed bags are those little bags you see boxer punching in a rotating motion above their heads. Speed bad improves agility, cardio, upper body strength, lower body strength, and technique.

Running – Running improves cardio, lung health, heart health, bone strength, whole body strength, and more. Running is critical to boxing training as boxing revolves around cardio, speed, agility, and overall conditioning.

Weight Training(MAYBE) – Many pro boxers dismiss weight training. Many believe it actually decreases punching speed and strength. Many clubs do utilize weight training. It will vary depending on the club.

Sparring(OPTIONAL) – If you are competitive and want to spar, hop up in the ring. If you are not willing to subject your brain to abuse and want to keep that pretty face of yours, that’s fine too. If you are in a club or class and they attempt to force or coerce you to spar(especially if you are a female) find another club or class. Sparring is not required to gain the benefits that come with boxing training.

You Ready?

You ready to sculpt your muscles, improve coordination, loose weight, and improve overall fitness? Go find you a boxing class, club, or just order a jump rope, punching bag, and speed bag. You can get all of this equipment for just a few hundred dollars, which is cheaper than the latest Bowflex. Not sold yet? Just give it a try, see what the hype is all about. What do you have to loose?

Click box above to get the same boxing bag I use. It’s 50 bucks, durable, and the perfect firmness for everyday use. Thanks for reading!

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