Benefits of Running/Jogging

Been thinking about working out? Telling yourself you’re going to start eventually? Me too. I often find myself working out for 2 weeks straight just to take a two week hiatus due to a call of duty called life. The truth is consistent running/jogging is so remarkably good for you it’s worth the 15-minute a day sacrifice. You don’t need to go all marathon iron man on us, but a short brisk jog every day is proven to ameliorate your mental and physical health.

How long do I need to run?

Depending on if you are just jogging or if you include other forms of exercise(cross fit) into your workout, it varies. If your only form of exercise is running(which is totally fine) you should run for about 30 minutes. The Mayo Clinic says you need 150 hours of exercise a week to maintain, retain, or achieve moderate fitness. So if you run 4 days a week, that would be about 35 minutes per exercise.

How hard do I need to push myself? How fast should I run?

If you are just starting to work out, TAKE IT EASY! There is a misconception that you need to work yourself to a pulp if you are going to work out. This may be true if you are a competing athlete, but for ordinary people, you honestly just need to go thru the motions. If you are just starting to run, jog just fast enough to be in a jogging motion. If you get winded, walk and resume your jogging pace when you have enough air. Keep this up until you improve endurance and then either push yourself harder every time or just maintain your regular pace and keep it consistent. If you are a serious athlete, yes studies show you need to push yourself every time to exhaustion; however this is not required to achieve “good” physical fitness.

Benefits of Jogging

Where do I start….well to name a few…

Makes you happier – Exercising releases endorphins, improves self image, and makes you happier overall for a number of unlisted reasons.

Increases bone dexterity and strength – Jogging increases bone mass and prevents bone mass loss as you age. According to a Boston University study jogging improves knee health as well.

Makes you live longer – Studies suggest when you work out you add years to your life.

Reduces risk of cancer– The Journal of Nutrition gathered information from multiple studies that shows a correlation between working out and a lower risk of cancer.

Helps you loose or maintain weight – This one is self explanatory. You burn more calories than you eat and you loose weight.

Improves lung capacity – Lung strength is improved via running. If you were a smoker you can never regain damaged tissue but you can improve oxygen consumption so don’t get down on yourself. Many ex-smokers who run can run longer and farther than non-smokers. It is never to late to turn it around.

Improves overall physical endurance – Overall physical endurance is improved with consistent exercise.

Improves mental energy – You will find yourself having more energy throughout the day and being more alert. A 2012 study concludes exercise helps defeat age-related mental decline and working attention.

Do what you can!

You don’t need to go buy the newest gear and supplies. Throw on some old shorts, some supportive cushioned tennis shoes, and get out there. Jog slow, hell sometimes I HARDLY jog but I still go through the motions. Any exercise is better than no exercise, it is not competition, it is your health. If you don’t feel comfortable jogging in front of people go to a secluded park or borrow your grandmas old treadmill. If you get too hot outside go get a gym membership. Just remember, take it slow at first, pace yourself, and drink plenty of fluids(preferably water).

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