How to Expand Your Knowledge

This is going to be one of my less educational posts. It will be more of a suggestive and personal experience kind of post. I am a college graduate with a BA consisting of a major in Business Management, a minor in Business Marketing, and specializations in Human Resources and Marketing. The knowledge I have absorbed and retained through my schooling has really come in handy, with that said there are often areas I need to further my knowledge in. Lets be honest, there is only so much information you can learn in 4 years even if you take electives that pertain to your major. The world is just so vast and filled with so many niche markets and specialties that it is simply impossible to be competent in every subject related to your field of study. Just as doctors graduate and practice a certain field, the same applies to other majors other than healthcare. So what happens when you graduate and realize you got a job in a field that your knowledge and experience is lackluster in? Well, you study. You pay for a subscription to GoogleScholar or you utilize the local library and you find accredited sources and study. You learn everything you can about that topic. I got a job offer as a position as a grocery store manager when I graduated college. Although my management, logistics, and HR skills were well versed, I needed to expand my expertise in the foods market. Sure, all management styles are applicable to many different settings, but understanding the entirety of an organization will serve you well as a manager. I read articles on how the retail food world functions, issues that can arise, and every facet involved with it. Although this may not serve me a purpose as a manager, it will serve my company a purpose when I apply my knowledge and give input to my superiors. Moral of the story is you are in control of your future, and your education is key. Whatever field you work in, I suggest gaining any knowledge relatable to that field.

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