New Reports of Jeffrey Epstein Surface After His Death

Jeffrey Epstein recently took his own life in a jail cell in Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York, NY. After his death more reports of his devious sexual conquests have been released. Apparently Jeffrey employed “disciples”, who were often employees of his companies, who recruited underage girls for Jeffrey to have sexual relations with. One of the new allegations is Jeffrey forced one of his servants to marry a female so she could earn citizenship in the U.S. Kaitlyn Doe said Epstein was having sex with her when she was 17, under the agreement that he would pay for an expensive surgery she needed; Epstein threatened to “see to it she would never get the surgery” if she refused to have sex with him. That is awfully evil, to coerce underage girls to have sex with you, taking advantage of life-threatening sicknesses and disabilities. Epstein then forced Kaitlyn to marry a female to gain citizenship, although Epstein continued to have sex with her after she was married. Kaitlyn Doe is seeking compensation for damages, it will be interesting to see how this lawsuit plays out. This is just one of the many allegations and lawsuits against Epstein.

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