Florida Sees Influx of People Due to Low Taxes

Heritage Foundations’ chief economist Steve Moore expresses his thoughts on the high numbers of people from New York moving to the Sunshine State. Moore was quoted saying “this is the big demographic story on our country which may be the big economic story”. This means not only are the demographics changing as an effect of high taxes but the underlying economy will also be effected. There are four states known as problem states, or as Moore describes them “apocalypse states”. The apocalypse states are: New York, Illinois,Conniticuit, and New Jersey. These four states are notorious for their high(ridiculously high) taxes. The purpose of these taxes(increase state funding) may impose a counter reaction(decrease state funding). People moving out of these states not only decreases tax revenue by the state, but it also harms the economy by decreasing jobs and revenues. Think about it, if a state is already struggling(thus imposing high taxes) and people move because of this, not only are there less jobs but there are less people spending money(supporting economy) in the state in general. This is a major problem, and I’m interested in seeing how these problem states react to loosing citizens. Are they going to raise taxes even more? I don’t foresee that going over well with the citizens. The citizens are not to blame, as I know people who have moved to Florida as well. What sense does it make to pay twice the amount of money when you could move to a state with better weather and save that money. Moore said “you can buy a house just with the money you can save on taxes”, referring to moving to low tax states. Currently the most ideal states to move to are Florida, Tennessee, Utah, North Carolina, and Texas. You currently paying an arm and a leg on taxes? Well pack your bags. How do you think this will affect these economies? Comment below.

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