First Bottle Feed- Preemie

Preemie parents are all the same, but are all subjected to different circumstance. No preemie story will be the same, which is why blogs are the best way to obtain knowledge and guidance. Different babies generally have similar care but there are so many diagnosis’s for preemie children there is no telling who will go through what when. Most preemies get bottle fed donor/breast milk a couple days after they are born. Our baby developed NEC early on thus she was surviving off of nutrition via IV administration. If you have been keeping up with our story, our baby just had corrective stomach surgery. Her intestines were sewed back together yielding a fully functional intestinal tract. After two weeks of healing, and pooping out old feces(poop from 4 months ago when she was born), it is time for her first bottle feed. Because our baby girl has fallen in love with her binky she handled the bottle feed masterfully. It was a concern that she would struggle to understand the concept of feeding as she has never done it before; it is so foreign to her. However, she took 7 ml(cc- NICU nurse often refer to milliliters as “cc”) with no problem. Currently she is on a formula designed for sensitive stomachs. I would prefer breast milk, but her mother is producing none, and after a certain age NICUs switch from breast milk(or donor breast milk) to formula. Regardless, we are extremely pleased with our baby girl and anticipate much growth and good health from here on out. Are you going through something similar? Have you been through something similar? Comment below and share your experience. You never know, you may just help the next person going through this. Thanks!

Above are links to Elecare Formula for newborns/preemies. Vanderbilt is a nationally ranked NICU hospital and it uses this formula. I appreciate it!

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