Audi Avant-Coming to America?

Audi RS6 Avant coming to U.S.?

If you know anything about performance wagons I’m sure you are familiar with the Mercedes AMG e63s Wagon. Perhaps you favor the BMW 3-Series sports wagon, although this vehicle(BMW 3-Series Wagon), along with the Audi RS6 Avant(temporary) is only available in the European market. With this said, it is still possible to obtain such vehicles in the U.S.,although it is challenging/expensive to do so. The Mercedes e63s wagon is the only performance wagon available in the U.S currently., it is presently my favorite vehicle of all time(along with AMG C 43). Something about the practicality of a wagon with the ergonomics and capabilities of a low-sitting car really tickle my pickle. Being a family man, there is nothing I would rather tote my wife and children around in than an AWD 600 some HP sports wagon. Of course this comes with a price tag starting at 108,000USD( for bothMercedes and Audi). Sorry for my rant, lets get back to the point: THERE IS HOPE THE AUDI RS6 AVANT IS COMING TO THE US. Yes, thats right, Audis social media pages have hinted at the Avant returning to U.S. markets. Audis Instagram features pictures of the avant with hashtag #WEWANTAVANTS; Other suggestive posts were made by Audi as well. The Audi Avant had a previous stint in the U.S. but it was short lived. This is likely to blame to sales(of the previous Avant models) as us ignorant Americans seemingly fail to recognizing the true beauty of performance wagons. The 2020 Audi Avant features a 592 HP, 4.0 L v-8 twin turbo engine. Top speeds reach 190 MPH, and the 0-62 time is a reported 3.6 seconds. How fun would it be to have the family cruising to church and just flooring it for a few seconds to see the look on your wife and children faces? This is responsibly of course. Sounds like fun to me, maybe I’m just crazy.

Similar to the Mercedes AMG the price of the Audi RS6 Avant is starting at $108,000(not sure if price will fluctuate slightly in the American market). The interior is a beautiful concoction of luxury and intelligence technologies with a pinch of monster.

The infotainment system is above the center counsel in the middle of the car. A secondary infotainment system is located on the dash behind the steering wheel, where all the drivers’ gauges are located. This is a new feature Audi offers in some other models as well. It is ingenuity at its best, it allows drivers options that are especially convenient. For example, Google maps allows for drivers to see navigation in the secondary infotainment system(behind steering wheel) instead of having to look over to the main infotainment system(middle of car). Of course, this can be switched and the driver can choose to have navigation displayed on the main infotainment system instead of by the dash(secondary infotainment system). Like all luxury performance cars different driving modes are options which enable different suspension and performance tweaks. Use sport mode to tighten up suspension for those windy roads, or use comfort mode to cruise through town.

U.S. Market

So will this beast be on the U.S. market at an Audi dealer near you? I think its safe to assume so, although nothing has been made official yet. Its time us Americans hop on the sports wagon train, as it is sure to be a wild ride. We don’t need to adopt everything the Europeans do such as drinking coffee at night, but they do have it right with their wagons. These wagons, whether Mercedes, BMW, or Audi, are amazing machines and offer things other cars and vehicles simply can’t. Extended cargo spaces, more seat room, low to the ground, excellent performance specs, the list goes on. These models are so popular in European models but don’t have the most traction in the U.S. so WAKE UP AMERICA! We need sales to improve on sports wagons so we can get the BMW wagon over here next. Comment below and share more knowledge about these fantastic vehicles.

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