Stress on Parents of Preemie Babies- Preemie

NICU parents are subjected to an array of struggles and challenges while their child spends time in the medical unit. Not only tangible hurdles such as traveling and sleeping arrangements hinder parents mental well being, but intangible hurdles such as depression and anxiety pose a major threat as well. It is perhaps the most indescribable feeling to have a preemie child; you are happy to have the child but worried sick about the well being of that child. Thoughts are swirling, anxiety is building, its becoming harder to sleep at night, you start eating less. This is common for preemie parents, but it is imperative to at least attempt to maintain a healthy mind and body. You must accept that you can not control outcomes of certain situations. I remember laying on a couch in a waiting room while my child was in surgery, my wife and I were certain we would receive a call from the surgeon that our child had passed. Every 30 minutes the medical team would call us, and our stomach would turn before answering the phone. I have endless examples of situations like this. You must retain your relationship with your significant other and your family when dealing with the hardships of a preemie child. If you are a religious person like me, prayer will serve you well. Remember, everything happens for a reason, God has a plan for everyone. It may be difficult to remain happy in these hard times, so try to at least remain rational. Feed off of each other. for strength, and hang in there.

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