Stomach Drain Removal(Repl)-Preemies

Our baby finally had her repl (stomach drain) removed. It is pronounced “Re’ pO Gal” by the nurses. The repl is common in preemies. Look at the picture below, note the tube going thru this babies nose. This is the repl, it can go thru the nose or mouth, both options pass through throat and reach the stomach.

This drain serves a purpose of keeping the stomach empty from acid, fluids, and other bodily materials. The stomach pump can be used for a variety of reasons, mainly it is used when the baby is afflicted with NEC. I have another article on NEC which you can find in the preemie category section of my blog. If any of you preemie parents have had experience with a stomach pump, you know it is bothersome to the baby. It triggers the gag reflex and is rather uncomfortable for the child. We are so thankful it is out. This is a testament to how patience and hope pays off. Finally the breathing machines and wires are trickling off and becoming less and less. It is a beautiful thing to see. It has been a long road filled with turmoil though we have been blessed. Thank you for viewing, comment with you experience below. If you are a NICU parent, hang in there.

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