We made it to the swing- Preemie

We walked into the hospital today and were overcome with happiness to see our baby girl in a swing. It has been a long road, at times we never thought we would see this day. Surgery after surgery called for anxiety and ill thoughts. Staying positive is key for preemie parents, what the doctors tell you is unlikely can turn into reality. Do not let your doctors discourage your spirits, if I had a dollar for every time we heard our child was likely to die I’d buy a Porshe. What the doctors say is to protect themselves for future blame and lawsuits, so take it with a grain of salt. This last week has been rough due to our child recovering from surgery(NEC surgery). It becomes difficult when you see your baby making progress only to be stuck back on the vent and on pain meds. Luckily those setbacks are short lived and the end goal is always the purpose. Stay positive and be there for your baby! Comment if you have a similar story.

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