Mercedes 2020 AMG C 43

Mercedes Benz has been working hard lately to manufacture vehicles that not only embrace luxury and performance but affordability as well. Mercedes offers sedans in the A class, C class, E class, and S class; not to mention their coupes, Maybach, and other vehicles. Their A class models are their most affordable vehicles. Starting at 32,500 these sedans are comparable to some Nissan Altima models as well as many other sedans. My current favorite for the 2020 model lineup is the AMG C 43. This car accelerates from 0-60 in 3.9-4.5 seconds(different results from different tests-Mercedes reports 4.5 seconds), and features a 3.0 L v-6 Biturbo(twin-turbo) engine that outputs 385 HP. This model lists at 55,250 MSRP. The reason I like this particular model so much is because it is(in my opinion) the perfect mix between practicality, performance, fun, and most importantly price point. This car seats 5, gets 19/27mpg, and features a 9 speed transmission. The interior features a touch screen infotainment system as well as luxury leather and delicate features and designs throughout. This car fits the label of “just enough”, just enough to have fun, go fast, and maneuver effectively without requiring a v-8 or v-10 which calls for low mileage and more expensive service costs(typically). This car features a comfort, sport, and sport+ mode that changes the suspension of the car. I will note it is not as smooth as their other luxury models(as this is a performance model). It handles well around corners and has a high torque output that launches you forward at the tap of a pedal. Other AMG models list for at least 10 to 20 thousand more thus making the AMG c 43 the cheapest AMG model. This model also comes in coupe form. This is my dream car and I intend to own one someday. Audi and BMW do have some competitors in the small performance sedan market but I prefer Mercedes. List your thoughts on the car or any other models that may be comparable. Food for thought: Audi RS3? Better or no? Discuss below.

Mercedes AMG c43 coupe model

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