Be Proud-Preemie

For those of you with preemie children, expecting a pre-term birth, or for those who know someone going through any of these things, this page is for you. Not only are pre-term babies an inspiration for parents of the child, they are inspirations for everyone. Our baby was born at 23 weeks, we have now made it to 40. It was unbearable experiencing the anxiety and apprehension before her birth. After birth, it was arguably worse as we had formed memories with this child. Our precious baby had NEC (Necrotizing enterocolitis)

, ROP (Retinopathy of prematurity), Ecoli, PVL (Periventricular leukomalacia), and an array of other issues stemming from the previously listed complications but not limited to. At one point she could not even keep a blood pressure due to ecoli challenging her immune system. At another point we were told she would probably die throughout the process of her stomach surgery (due to NEC). When I say we have been through the ringer I really mean we have been through it, chewed up, spit out, chewed up again, swallowed, then shit out. It seems selfish to victimize ourselves, as our baby was the one enduring all of these issues (physically and mentally), as we were only subjected to mental torture. I had always felt for (and been there for) my baby, but throughout the duration of our stay at multiple hospitals, I was drowning in my own sorrow. This hit me tonight, as I stared at my child constantly gagging for having a tube down her throat, she is the ultimate hero. People always offer support to the parents of preemies (and believe me they need it) but the babies are the real soldiers. So, whatever you are going through just remember, everything in life is a privilege. No matter how bad it seems someone has it worse, and things can and will get better. Take full advantage of the present and be proud of your child, your wife, your parents, for all they have been through and all they will continue to go through. Also take time to be proud of yourself, and everything you have been through. No matter what your present looks like, your past has looked worse, and your future will look better.

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