Preemie Baby- She has arrived!

My wife and I just had our first child. For most this would be a monumental moment, for us, it has been bittersweet. Our child was born at 23 weeks’ gestation due to something as silly as an ignored UTI. Yes ladies, be careful with your UTIs, yeast infections, and other bodily nuisances that come with pregnancy. How the UTI got to be so serious is another story in itself, but for now I will just say be sure to seek a second opinion when your doctor is ignoring your pleas for help. I was at work and received a phone call from my crying wife, she was dilating 2 cm. She was sent to the hospital, only to be told she was fine (by the same doctor mentioned earlier) and was taken by ambulance to a hospital 1 hour away from our small town. From there we saw a specialist who was a blunt man (smart but needed some serious bedside manner education) who told us our baby would be arriving within the week. So, for one week I slept on a hospital chair with my wife who was sick and emotionally wrecked to say the least. I was heartbroken, I wanted this baby so bad, I had finally found the LOML and had been so happy to be bringing this child into the world. After a week of searching preemie survival rates, lifelong complications, and other negative aspects of the preemie world, it was time. My wife went into surgery and I accepted I was going to lose a baby. She had been told prior to surgery she was likely to have a hysterectomy; due to blood thinners they had given her hours earlier. She was deathly sick due to the infected uterus. I waited with family in the waiting room to hear if not only the baby survived, but to hear if my wife and I would be able to bear children again as well. As you can imagine this was probably the worst time of my life (our life). 3/4 of an hour later I see a medical team running down the hall, I ran out of the waiting room to see the smallest, prettiest baby I had ever laid eyes on. I was a father, and my baby weighed 1 pound 7 ounces and had her eyelids sealed shut. I cried. Baby Tatum Reese lived, and my girl was able to have children again (no hysterectomy). God is good people. When all else fails, turn to prayer. It has been HELL on earth ever since my baby was born, she is 40 weeks old now, but she almost lost her life multiple times. Stay posted for more stories to come. Thank you for stopping by and leave a comment if you are going thru the same thing! God Bless!

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