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I not only post about life, my child, and my wife, I post about everything. Full disclosure for my female followers, you may want to skip this one, as this post is about cars. I have an infatuation for cars. Cars, trucks, wagons, you name it, I like it. There are many cars manufactures and many options, what makes us choose what we drive every day? Is it price? Reliability? Cost of service? Looks? Performance? Gas mileage? The answer is probably a combination of all of those things. Likely depending on who the car is for, or what it is for will also play into what drives us (pun intended) to purchase a given vehicle. Daily driver cars are cars we drive every day, a few of the boxes we want to check off are practicality, gas mileage, reliability, price. For daily drivers, consumers are looking for something that is reliable and easy to maintain. We don’t care what we are driving or how fast it goes we just want to make sure it can get us to work every day. We also want something that doesn’t cost 400 dollars to change the oil. There are so many manufactures, brands, as well as models of cars.  Each manufacture produces brands which in turn produces models for each of those brands. Luxury vehicles are candidates for daily drivers depending on what a given consumer is willing to spend to drive said vehicle.

Affordable and Reliable

Some of my favorite brands for daily drivers are Toyota, Honda, Ford, Nissan, and Kia, Subaru (no particular order). These cars are reasonably priced and are easily serviced. These cars often have different models based on features and sometimes performance. For example a Nissan Altima will have a S, SR, SR-Turbo, SL, Platinum, and Platinum VC Turbo option. All options come with FWD or RWD available . The S(base model) starts at 24,000 USD MSRP. The Platinum VC Turbo model retails around 36,000 dollars. Keep in mind all safety features besides advanced technologies such as blind spot monitoring are included in all base models of cars. When purchasing you must decide what is most important to you, if you simply need a car that gets from A to B and is reliable stick to the base model. If you want leather or all the bells and whistles then you may be able to rationalize spending the extra dollars. The Nissan Altima S model outputs 180 HP. The Turbo model outputs about 270 HP at given RPMs. Speeding is a preference so unless that is something that really interests you you’d be better off saving money on their non-turbo models. I myself am a fan of quick cars so that may be something I would explore. Bottom line, it is all up to you and what you want from the car, be sure to view specs from any vehicle you are considering.

Luxury/Performance Cars

Other brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, are used by many as daily drivers. Although I have never owned a Mercedes, I believe they are wonderful cars. Of course, one must assume cost of service will be high upon purchase of such a car. My favorite model is the Mercedes AMG C 43 model. Although these brands are defined as “performance cars” they too(like Nissan) offer models with different performance and luxury options. Keep in mind, a base class Mercedes will likely have a few more creature comforts than a base model Nissan. Mercedes has a C 43 model and an AMG C 43 model. The C 43 model has significantly less horsepower than the AMG model as well as different suspension tweaks and other functional as well as luxury features. AMG is Mercedes performance model, M is BMWs performance models, and RS is Audis performance models. These models come with a price increase of usually 10-20,000 dollars due to engine and suspension upgrades. My daily driver Ford Taurus, which is a great car, accelerates 0-60 in around 7 seconds. A Mercedes AMG C 43 does 0-60 in about 4.5 seconds, a Mercedes C 43 does it in about 6 seconds. Oil changes, and any other service charges, will be higher in a luxury/foreign car. This must be understood before you purchase a foreign brand vehicle, you will pay more in upkeep. With that said you will have a logo that carries a perception of excellence and you will have a “cool factor”. How much is that cool factor, or extra horsepower worth to you?

What you need comes first, what you want comes second

When purchasing a daily driver, find what is important for you. Is it AWD, power (pulling boats or ATVs), size, luxury, or speed? Make sure you research all facets of your car, as well as its competition, and select the model with features that best suit you and your family. Thanks for reading!

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