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Preemie Informative & Inspirational Blog

This site includes relative information for preemie parents, including medical issues: NEC, ROP, PVL. This blog includes hope and will ideally provide serenity to parents going through hard times. Our child has seen every diagnosis in the book and you may find these articles inspiring and informative.


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See the news page for weird, funny, informative, general, and relative news articles. Stay updated on current events or just scroll while bored.

Please take a minute to browse through the menu, and find a page you like. I really think you could find something here that would serve to help your life. I am always taking suggestions so if you don’t see what you like I would be happy to accommodate. I have learned quite a bit throughout my life and am not the beholder of all knowledge but I do share what I know in hopes of helping others. Thanks.

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Share your experiences, input, or ideas for all to see in the comment section. I will reply and discuss topics with anyone. This is an opportunity for us to share knowledge and grow as individuals. Also be sure to check out St. Megs brand services and products.


Donations for the betterment and further development of this website, as well as for our preemie baby. You can donate as much as you want in intervals of 5, just change the quantity to donate more. Example: quantity of 5 would equal 25 dollars. Thank you kindly. Anything is appreciated.


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